Stop, Drop and Roll

General Chem_cover

Towards the end of summer as things were winding up to the start of a new school year, I could clearly see ominous gray clouds rolling over the horizon. The rainy days had come.

About a month in the semester, I find myself drenched in a downpour of rain and work. I haven’t quite gathered my wits about me long enough to actually get out of the storm. I am still finding my bearings, and as such I have been ‘flatlining’ on social media for the past few weeks. This post is the jolt of electricity that I hope will jumpstart things again.

I am sharing with you the cover of the chemistry laboratory book that I have been working on with a number of colleagues for over a year now. It is definitely a labor of love for all of us; as we worked on the text during whatever spare time we got. My contribution to the book is primarily in pictures (e.g. the photo on the cover above).

This was an opportunity for me to meld my knowledge and practice of both chemistry and photography, so I am very much grateful for it. It looks to be a busy year, but the publication of this book is definitely a great start. The start, I hope, of many more creatively fulfilling things to come.

Here are a few more pictures of apparatuses that I shot for the text.


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