ChemLoveArt Print Packs Available – Sept 2017

For a limited time, I’m making three print packs (common lab, solubility, and colloids) from the ChemLoveArt series and my scientific photography work available for sale.

Each pack, priced at PhP 500 (about 10 USD), contains two signed 4R-sized prints placed in a protective sleeve. The pair of photos that will be included in each pack are placed beside each other in the image above. Only a limited number of each pack are available, so place your order now before supply runs out.

Thank you to all those who have supported my print sales since the very first one. You’re the reason that I am able to continue my journey in making pictures that matter.


Print Section Update – September 2017

#208 Waiting for the Sun

Three new photographs have been added to the Current print catalog. These pictures were made during my last trip to Dumaguete. I’ve always been drawn to sunrises, but to have people fill the scene that was unfolding before me made it all the more wonderful.

Selling Your Work as an Introvert

Being an introvert, I grew up with an anxiety for social interactions. I had to come up with and practice a script in my head for even the most basic conversations. Even buying vinegar from the corner store became a daunting task.

As I understood myself more over the years, I’ve learned to accept and work on my weaknesses. It doesn’t make it any easier that I’m basically restarting my life at 40 as a photographer from a science background; but I believe that if you’re truly passionate about something, you’re willing to face your fears for it.

I found this video resonated with me on so many levels. It is as if they were tackling the questions that I was asking myself. If you’re an introvert running a creative business (in the video it is web design), there are a lot of practical insights that you can learn to get that next client or job while helping and strengthening your ties with your local community at the same time.

Limited-edition Prints Available – Sept 2017

Update: I have never sold ALL my prints in any of my sales. Ever. Well, until now. After posting about it, I prayed and hoped for an inquiry or two when I woke up the following day. But I wasn’t expecting someone to acquire them all. Thank you, Emelyn David. I am very much grateful.

I have 6×9-inch limited-edition prints available for sale this month. Each one is priced at PhP 1000 (about 20 USD).

A variety of photographic papers from Red River Paper were used. Each print is signed (at the back) and comes with a certificate of authenticity. It is also sealed in an archival-safe sleeve.

Only one of each print is available. An additional discount will be given to those who purchase two or more prints.

My Relaxing Office Bling

The path that I chose for the second act of my life has been uncertain for the most part. And I thought that this was a road that I was going to trudge through alone. But I was wrong.

It is both a blessing and a joy to have friends, like Chay, who support my endeavors. And not in any token way at that, as there is a sincere appreciation for the work that I do. His support allows me to continue to work on my craft. At the end of the day, that’s all that I really ask.

Thank you, Dude.

Looking At A Distant Green Colored Object

Sorry bad pic. But check below for better ones.

We’ve just moved office a few weeks back, here at the antonym of OFF.

Did I mention I got back here?

Well maybe I will post about it some other time.

Since my work station is now bigger, I’ve decided to hang some pics on my work station wall.

I am rather proud of these pics, they make my work station look extremely relaxing.

Every time someone who visits us here for the first time, I keep calling out.

“Hey! Have you seen my new workstation?”

Adrian I know if you are reading this, you are probably laughing.

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Light and Verse – Stardust

I introduced this segment of the blog in a past post. You can give that a quick read for a bit of background, but essentially this is me putting words to images I’ve shot over the years.

Atoms have no hue

No gender, no race, no class;

We are all stardust.

A print of the picture above is available for purchase from the Current print collection.

More to come…

Quick Portfolio Update – August 2017

The quick portfolio has been updated and refreshed. Most of the images from the original version are still up, I just added and removed a number of images to better represent the scope of the work that I’m doing.

As of now the page only shows my portrait work, I’ll be making changes to it soon to incorporate my documentary and science photography work. So, please subscribe for updates.

More to come…

Light and Verse – Crossing

I introduced this segment of the blog in a past post. You can give that a quick read for a bit of background, but essentially this is me putting words to images I’ve shot over the years.

#29 Island Commute

Crashing, retreating

Heart beating, doubting whether

These waves bring me home.

A print of the picture above is available for purchase from the print Archive. More to come…

The Road Thus Far… An Update

It’s been over a year since I started on this journey. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was difficult. I had my share of dark days.

A lot has happened over that time. I’ve learned more about myself on this path. I have come to acknowledge the dreams that I am now working on fulfilling through photography. I continue to enjoy a steady sale of prints due in no small part to a loyal group of people who collect and support my work.

There are still many things that I look to accomplish in the year ahead. I continue to push myself in creating work that not only matters to me, but is also a step closer towards a conscious shift to creating fine art.

It’s been a year since I started on this journey. And I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am never turning back.

More to come…

ChemLoveArt – Extra + Ordinary

To find the extraordinary in the everyday and ordinary is something that I strive for in my photos, regardless of their subject. 

With that in mind, I am working on making new pictures to add to the ChemLoveArt series that focuses on revealing the chemistry in everyday household items. Meticulously prepared chemical demonstrations are always a sight to behold, but I believe that shining a light on often-overlooked changes that occur all around us can be equally captivating. 

Most people are aware that cooking oil and water do not mix, but only very few may have had the chance to see what occurs at the interface of both liquids up close.

And  where rust is practically ubiquitous, not too many people would view it as something desirable, much less visually-appealing. Corrosion, for me, is a beautiful reminder of the impermanence of this world. That everything has its time and nothing is immune to change.

More to come…