Bare – Shara

  1. What do you love about your body?

It would be my eyes and my legs. Quite a number of people have complimented me about my long legs and my lovely eyes. But, of course, those are other people’s words and not mine.

  1. What are you most insecure of?

I’ve always felt conscious about being flat-chested and having a flat butt. It’s hard to think of myself as sexy when I don’t even have curves in the right places. I might probably consider myself as statuesque because of my height, but not sexy.

  1. After looking at your pictures, have they changed the way you look at yourself?



After seeing the pictures, I feel beautiful. I felt a part of my insecurities fade away. I can now say that I can be sexy even if I am flat-chested. It just depends on accepting your body and yourself. I definitely feel a lot more confident.

It feels good.


*The Bare project was introduced here. Its manifesto can be read here.

The Bare Project Manifesto

The Bare project aims to empower its subjects. Its goal is to create portraits that celebrate both the beauty and flaws of the person in front of the camera.

Each subject is asked to answer two questions prior to the shoot:

  1. What do you love about your body?
  2. What are you most insecure of?

Her answers will serve as an inspiration and as a guide in the journey that she and the photographer will take in making her pictures — from concept to print.

After the shoot, the subject is asked one more question —


  1. After looking at your pictures, have they changed the way you look at yourself? How?

The hope is that the subject sees not only what makes her beautiful, but also how her imperfections complete the picture.

New Project: Bare

Bare is a new intimate portrait series that I am currently working on.

The meaning of the project’s title is twofold.

First, an an adjective, the word bare means basic, simple and without addition. The focus of the portrait is the subject herself. It’s not about the clothes, the accessories or even the location.


Second, as a verb, it means to uncover a part of a person. It is not about exposing skin for the sake of looking sexy. It is a confident gesture of being comfortable and proud of one’s body.

The goal is to create images that will be more about the subject than the viewer; to make a photograph that shows both the beauty of her features and the character of her flaws.


*The project is still in its early stages, so the photo above is  actually from a preliminary shoot. My vision is not just to create an online gallery of images with empowering realizations from each subject, but to hopefully see these pictures in print, either for an exhibit or a book. Well, one can always dream.

Please visit the site every now and then to check on my progress. Wish me luck.

Personal Project — Faces (Part 6)

“Every great work makes the human face more admirable and richer, and that is its whole secret.” – Albert Camus

Faces is a personal project that I’ve started and worked on over the past few months. Despite the hectic schedule, I was finally able to shoot portraits of 30 different people. As for the birthday wish that I spoke of in a previous post, whether it comes true remains to be seen.

I talk about its inception here. In the sixth installment of this series, I was able to work with new subjects, K and Shantyl (2nd and 4th photos respectively); and recapture old faces, Marlyn and Julia (3rd and 5th photos in the set), as well.

The highlight, however, is the first image. I was finally able to shoot a proper portrait of my mother. No blinks, giggles and smirks. I am proud of this picture because this person is half-responsible for the Joel Locaylocay part of Joel Locaylocay Photography after all.

More to come…

Street Photography – Faith

I am not the best advocate for travel.

To this day, it is still a tense and fairly stressful experience for me. But, I have come to realize that nothing quite opens your eyes to the diversity of life on this planet more than travel. It’s not as easy to disregard the different beliefs and practices of the multitude of people on this planet when you witness them clasp their hands in earnest prayer as they raise their faces into the heavens above.

How can we say whose god is right?

How can we be so certain that those who do not follow our traditions are lost and misguided?

I believe that before we start quibbling over our differences, that we plumb the deepest depths of our shared humanity first. And if there is one thing that I am certain of, it is my faith in our capacity for a love that transcends race, religion and creed.


You can view more of my street photography here.

Personal Project — Faces (Part 5)

“Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” – Pablo Picasso

Faces is a personal project that I’ve started and worked on over the past few months. Despite the drudgery of the day job, I am one session short of having made portraits of 30 different people. One of my wishes (as it is my birthday today) is that the momentum I gain from working on this labor of love will propel me onward to bigger and better things.

I talk about its inception here. In this fifth installment of this series, I was able to catch up with a couple of past students and feature the ladies that make up the small ragtag group of creatives behind Joel Locaylocay Photography.

More to come…

Personal Project — Faces (Part 4)

“The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Faces is a personal project that I’ve started and worked on over the past few months. I hope to be able to sustain it despite the demanding schedule and the rigours of the day job.

I talk about its inception here. In this fourth set of portraits, I am glad to have reconnected with past subjects and worked with new ones as well.

More to come…

Personal Project — Faces (Part 3)

“The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.” – St. Jerome

Faces is the only personal work that I got to produce this past summer. I am hoping that it takes a life of its own despite the fact that start of the semester will be coming into full swing this coming week.

I talk about its inception here. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the subjects — running the gamut from beautiful to mysterious to whimsical — featured in the third set of portraits below.

More to come…