Making light available

Joel Locaylocay calls the island of Cebu in the Philippines home. He has been shooting for over ten years now.

He honed his photography  and lighting skills shooting portraits. His vision and mission is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. This is evident in the uncluttered and quiet, pictures he makes of everyday people. Be it a head shot or an intimate portrait; he uses and shapes light to not only place a greater emphasis on the subject, but to create drama as well.

He also shoots landscape and travel photographs of which a select few can be had as prints. He does street photography not only as an exercise in composition and timing, but a way of overcoming his shyness and connecting with people as well.

Lately, he has been shooting science photographs for use in textbooks. This comes as no surprise as he graduated with a degree in Chemistry and taught at the college level for the past fifteen years. Shooting chemistry experiments, in this case, seemed like a natural progression. He left the academe a few months ago to focus on photography and other pursuits.

He shot with a Canon-centric system for many years. However, he shifted to a Fujifilm mirrorless system just over two years ago. He loves shooting with their X-series cameras as it provides him with a greater range of versatility with what he shoots.

Joel dreams of finding success and significance (not necessarily in that order) as a photographer — that this would become his profession for the rest of his years. And so as he approaches 40, life begins anew.