Year-end Print Sale 2018

Christmas is just 12 days away. I thought this would be a good time to announce the year-end print sale for 2018. Give yourself or your loved ones something beautiful to spruce up any space this holiday season.

All of the prints in the catalogs below can be acquired at 20% off the original price. Each 6×9-inch piece is now priced at PhP 1000 (about 20 USD). Purchase two or more prints and get a 30% discount off each one.

Click on the heading or the image to view all images in the gallery.


#212 A New Day II


#208 Waiting for the Sun


#108 ChemLoveArt – Precipitation

And up to until December 25, prints can be ordered off the pictures* that can be found on this blog or on my Instagram feed (linked below). However, sale prices do not apply to these special orders, so each 6×9-inch print will cost PhP 1,250 (about 25 USD).

For orders and inquiries, send an email with the subject Print Sale 2018 to or fill out the contact form below.

*Only applies to images that do not contain a recognizable face.


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