The Project Journal

I always have a pen and a small notebook in my camera bag. One can never know when or where inspiration will find you. So, when one comes to me, I find the time to write it down as soon as I can. Better pages full of scribbling than ideas lost to oblivion.

This coming series of posts is a digital version of an idea notebook. It will be a more organized version of its handwritten counterpart though. It’s a springboard upon which I can build on a personal project from concept to print.

This journal will not just serve as means for me too keep tabs on my work. More importantly, it also opens the door for collaboration with interested individuals who come across it.

I haven’t quite decided on what project to start with, but here’s a sampling of old work that I’d like to revisit and build on.

Back to Black



And new frontiers that I’d like to explore in fine art nude photography

and a new artistic nude series that I’m tentatively calling Bodies for now.

Make sure you subscribe to the blog to receive timely updates. For all you know, we could be working on one (or more) of these projects pretty soon.


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