Keeping Pace

The researcher-by-day-but-photographer-after-hours experiment didn’t quite work out as well as I hoped. I haven’t been able to make headway into most of the personal projects that I set out to do or reach most of the goals that I set for myself in the past few months. I am hopeful that when my term with the research group ends that I’ll have both the time and the opportunity to make more pictures.

I haven’t exactly been idle though, so what were the past few months like?

Last December, I was commissioned by Surebright Manufacturing Industries Inc. to create images to advertise their line of cleaning agents. I got this job as a result of work I did for a personal project, the #ChemLoveArt series. This is proof that personal work pays.

Earlier that same month, the day job and the dream job sort of met (albeit a little awkwardly) when I was asked to document a two-day convention on natural products research. It was definitely a welcome break from performing experiments in the lab.

Up to until February this year, I worked on my ill-fated Project 365. There were days when I’d get more than one good image but chose another to post, so there are a number of keepers that I’ve been keeping (pun not intended) to myself. Here’s an example of such a picture shot in December.

In January, I started work on the Digital Film Roll project. My first “roll” hasn’t been used up yet, but I hope to change that soon. This is a project that I definitely want to pursue as I plan to try my hand at film photography in the coming months.

I wasn’t able to travel anywhere new just yet, but I continue to strive to find something new every time I revisit an old haunt.

I continue to make and promote the sale of my prints. I hosted a successful sale of my existing catalog before the end of 2016. It makes me happy that more people are open to the idea of purchasing prints as art.

I am using lighting setups that I’ve crafted for old projects for new work. You can recognize the painterly look for Faces in play in this portrait of my goddaughter Peace. I wasn’t surprised that it worked, but that it took me all this time to put something I spent months developing to good use.

I continued to shoot intimate portraits, both for the Bare project and my fine art nude portfolio. I am already in the process of developing upcoming projects in the same vein. I hope to find brave subjects who will collaborate with me on these when the time comes.

I realize that I stalled for a bit on this heading. I have no control over losing the wind in my sails, but I can always pick up an oar and start rowing.

Onward, always onward.


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