Day 104 to 106 – 365

Taking Things into Your Own Hands. Susan and I have an old car that we bought from her relative. It was a steal. But like most old cars, it would break down every now and then. We try to minimize that from happening by taking it to an auto shop for checkup and maintenance every month or so. I try to help however I can by doing minor repairs every now and then. If I can understand what it says in the manual, I’d give it a try. I’m not a car guy. I’m actually more interested in photographing tools than using them.

Happy to be Wrong. I was waiting for Susan at a nearby mall when I happened upon this scene. I thought I had spotted a funnel creeping down to the ground from a storm cloud. I watched the scene unfold and came to the conclusion that it could’ve just been a part of the cloud trailing off as a result of the wind. I couldn’t be any happier to be wrong.

The Show. A group of kids of various ages, from pre-schoolers to teens, had their music recital. It was inspiring to see them put their love for their craft on display. Even if the audience consisted mostly of their families, I believe it’s a big thing to show your support when your child shows an interest in the arts.

*For this photo-a-day project, I will be posting thrice a week. Photos shot from Monday to Wednesday will be posted on Thursday, photos from Thursday to Saturday will be up by Sunday, and my selection from Sunday will be posted on a Monday.


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