Day 97 to 99 – 365

Digital Film Roll Project (2 of 10). Counting shrimp. Each one as small as a period on a newspaper. Multiple trials. Hundreds of shrimp. This task takes patience and perseverance, and is not for the easily vexed. Thes-is chemistry.

Refraction. Just like light passing through two different media. The message behind a photograph can be skewed either by the perspective of its creator or that of its viewer. I think that photography can’t fully capture the essence or truth of a person, an object or event; but rather only the photographer’s point of view.

PusoThe hanging rice of Cebu. It’s not a wonder of the modern culinary world, but it holds a special place in the hearts of the people of this island. Eating warm rice served straight from the pot is good, but nothing beats the portability of puso. In my early years at university, we’d eat our lunch during the commute, something that was made possible by this beautifully packaged carb.

*For this photo-a-day project, I will be posting thrice a week. Photos shot from Monday to Wednesday will be posted on Thursday, photos from Thursday to Saturday will be up by Sunday, and my selection from Sunday will be posted on a Monday.


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