Day 55 to 57 – 365

Mercy, Marce. A tropical depression that had the potential to develop into a storm was headed our way. I usually stay up during these times to ensure that if the weather turned for the worse that we’d be ready to evacuate to safety. When I found out that we were in the clear, I decided to shoot the rain that was splashing down from our roof before I retired for the night.

Third Time’s the Charm. This is the third time that one of my photos has made it to the cover of a book. I know I’ve probably said this a number of times, but very few feelings in my pursuit of photography can compete with seeing your work in print. What makes it even sweeter is that I used my knowledge in chemistry to get the shot.

Keep the Faith. I was raised Catholic. I’m not quite sure what I am now, perhaps to the best that I can describe is that I am some form of Christian. I am on a journey of faith and I am okay with not knowing where it will lead me. I have family and friends of different beliefs (one of whom is pictured above in her traditional Tausug garb) and with the world becoming more divided with each passing day I keep to my mantra of — Seek to understand first and always be kind. 

*For this photo-a-day project, I will be posting thrice a week. Photos shot from Monday to Wednesday will be posted on Thursday, photos from Thursday to Saturday will be up by Sunday, and my selection from Sunday will be posted on a Monday.


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