Day 48 to 50 – 365

Street View. Shooting a picture from an unusual perspective gives the viewer a different way of looking at the world. We’re all used to seeing things at eye level that we forget that even that is subjective — the passersby hurriedly walking past a homeless person slumped down on the sidewalk will have contrasting points of view. It is a bit weird looking at the world from an odd vantage point, but we should recognize that what’s weird for us is another person’s normal.

Fast Food. I don’t think anything in this image is sharp, but it is able to show the mood that I wanted to convey well enough. These are lechon vendors hawking what remains of their goods at the end of a long day as I pass by at about 40 km/hour.

Christmas, the C-side. There is an inescapable commercial element to Christmas. There are people who say it takes focus away from the reason for the season. But, I would like to believe that these sensory cues – from the carols, decorations and to the food – bring out the good in people (even if just for a month). Because the world could always use kindness, wherever it could get it.

*For this photo-a-day project, I will be posting thrice a week. Photos shot from Monday to Wednesday will be posted on Thursday, photos from Thursday to Saturday will be up by Sunday, and my selection from Sunday will be posted on a Monday.


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