Day 41 to 43 – 365

The F Word. This photo is from when we celebrated a dear friend’s birthday last week. I have come to realize over the course of my life that family is not something you’re bound to only by blood. People who commit themselves to being a part of each others’ lives, making it more meaningful and richer in the process, is family. 

Having Your Cake. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose. Last Friday, after a long week at the lab, I headed straight to a baby portrait session. Susan’s first cousin commissioned me to make pictures of her 6-month old daughter. I really don’t know where I found the energy to make it through the end of the day night, but I am grateful for the opportunity. I’m all for ‘having your cake and eating it too’, but there are just days when you can’t just have any more cake.

Beauty Is in the Imperfection. I haven’t been able to shoot as much as I would like lately. Prolonged periods of inactivity often lead me to think that I need to learn new styles (which I admit is a healthy practice for growth every now and then) or acquire new gear to get started again. I often equate chasing after a more ‘polished’ version of my work as getting better. I forget that I already have a visual style (far from perfect, but it is mine) that I can use to tell a story to the world. My focus then shouldn’t be getting that new modifier or learning a popular technique, but rather finding better stories.

*For this photo-a-day project, I will be posting thrice a week. Photos shot from Monday to Wednesday will be posted on Thursday, photos from Thursday to Saturday will be up by Sunday, and my selection from Sunday will be posted on a Monday.

**This post is rather late as I am still catching up on a lot of things at work. I’ve been coming home late the past week or so and this aging body is finding it harder and harder to stay up. Don’t worry. We’ll be caught up soon enough.


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