I’ve barely shot any pictures for the month of September. If any, they’re mostly on my phone (not that’s necessarily a bad thing). But, I just realized that there’s no 2016_09 subfolder in my current Lightroom catalog.

Although it’s not enirely the cause, taking on a short-term research assistant job has taken me out of the new routines I’ve established over the past few months. I haven’t quite found a balance that allows me to keep my focus and momentum photography-wise, but I do realize that I need to course correct as early as now (hopefully it’s not too late yet).

This is something I’ve never done before, but I’m committing to a 365 photo project starting on October 1. I will be shooting everyday, but will be posting 2-3 times a week. I’ll also try to work themes in, but that will come a little later. The immediate goal is to get out there and start shooting, and to make a habit out of it.

If you’d like to join me on this project, feel free to leave a link or a pingback to your photo in the comments section of each new post. Let’s see where this journey takes us…

*The image above was shot after an early morning downpour. The water retention ponds around the university get filled up and create “lakes”; surrounded by the trees that dot the space in between buildings, it almost looks like a scene fromĀ a faraway jungle.

2 thoughts on “365

    1. Thank you. I’ve tried month-long projects before and there were definitely points where pushing yourself to shoot became a challenge. But I do hope I can and will persevere this time.

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