Bare Project Update – August 2016

The Bare project is two months shy of its first anniversary. I have shot five subjects thus far and have three more who have committed themselves to it. I’m not nearly as prolific with this series as I was in others. This is understandable since this project asks a lot more from its subject. However, as long as I can sustain the quality of the photographs that I produce, quantity will take care of itself.

My dream for this project has always been to publish a book featuring the best photos from the series coupled with the story of the subject featured in each one. As I do not yet have the resources to produce print copies, I decided to make one myself. This handmade book is not only something that I could share with past and potential subjects, but it serves both as an inspiration and a reminder to work towards getting it published.

I’ll be posting another Bare feature soon, and will be adding select photos from that set to the book as well. Follow the  blog (on WordPress) or subscribe by e-mail to get prompt updates.

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