Press Play


I’ve been away. Well, sort of.

My ma fell ill a little over two weeks ago. We brought her to the hospital and was told that she needed to be operated on. She had stones in her gallbladder and the surgeon suggested that the organ be removed. My pa, brother and I kept vigil at her bedside throughout the whole ordeal. She’s now thankfully well and recuperating at home.

As far as hospital experiences go, the week that passed wasn’t altogether difficult or unpleasant. The people there were not only nice, but they all did their jobs splendidly. I got to shoot a few pictures as my ma was either asleep or resting. These images don’t really document all that we went through. I shot them more as a means of coping.

It was an odd feeling watching the world pass you by. When life reminds you of its inevitable realities, you take a pause and hold your breath.


2 thoughts on “Press Play

  1. Thank you. She is feeling much better these days. Being the introspective sort, I do quite a bit of contemplating every now and then. There is something about a compelling scene (to me, at least) that begs to be urgently captured and preserved.


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