Weekly Photo – Ephemerality and Chance

Many things in nature are fleeting. Sunlight only takes on a golden radiance an hour or so after it rises or before it sets. A butterfly on  a leaf will flit away in the space of the moment that you notice it. I was fortunate to chance upon this butterfly resting on a leaf in our garden, which is why I quickly set up my camera to take the shot.

I thought I would get two clicks in before it flew away. But it didn’t , it stayed. I grabbed the opportunity to improve on the shot I already had. The sun hadn’t risen above the roofs just yet, so I thought of lighting the scene with a hot shoe flash. I used a full CTO gel (to simulate golden light) and a grid to make the butterfly pop against the leaf. I handheld the flash and tried a couple of angles before I found one that I was happy with.

I made about 20 shots before the butterfly finally flew away. Chances, after all, can last only for so long before they’re gone, so we must take them when we can.


This photo is my submission to this week’s photo challenge with the theme Details.


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