Bare – Ansel

  1. What do you love about your body?

I love my height. I appreciate being taller than the average woman. And I have always been proud of the color of my skin.

  1. What are you most insecure of?

As much as I love its color, I have always been insecure about the skin on my face, particularly its texture. It’s not smooth and there are pores and pimples galore.


  1. After looking at your pictures, have they changed the way you look at yourself?

Being in the theater arts, I have always been so critical of myself, not just my body. Sometimes I cringe when I see myself in certain pictures or videos. Even when I was younger, I was already aware that I had these insecurities.

However, after looking at these pictures, they gave me a sense of pride. I love that they reinforce my belief that I am a piece of art in the making; everyone is. I am learning to cope with my imperfections, yet there are just days when I can’t help but be negative.

But, seeing these pictures makes today a good day and a win for self-empowerment.


*The Bare project was introduced here. Its manifesto can be read here.


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