Putting My Best Foot Forward


I’ve been putting off  publishing a working portfolio for months (probably over a year). It took me weeks of culling and deciding before I came up with the final set of photos. And lastly, it took me days (the severe lack of any coding skills certainly did not help) to make it look as presentable as I could on my website.

This small feat couldn’t have come at a better time as I prepare to embark on the uncertain, yet unencumbered, undertaking of being a freelance photographer. I suppose the journey of a thousand steps (I can definitely see more ahead) starts with putting your best foot forward.

And so, I’m off.

*Clicking on the link to the website now brings all site visitors to the quick portfolio front page. To access blog content (e.g. posts), click on the “Blog” icon on the top navbar.


2 thoughts on “Putting My Best Foot Forward

    1. Thank you, Justinne. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m glad to finally embark on the long and hopefully fruitful journey that lies ahead.


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