Phases: Felyn, 19

*This is the fourth post so far for the Phases project. To provide context for what you’re about to view, please read about its premise here first.


Years from now, when you look back at this time in your life, what will you remember the most about it?

These pictures will remind me not just of the way I looked, but of how I used to be. And how amazing it was to be part of this project as one of your subjects.

Before the shoot, I was unhappy in a relationship that was going nowhere. A friend of mine, who’s also a photographer, told me that I am really good at expressing my feelings through photographs. She and I would go on to make many pictures together after that. It was also then that I thought of using photography as a medium of communicating how I felt with the world.

Maybe I won’t remember much about how distressed I was since during my first month of being nineteen, but the lessons I’ve learned since have helped me grow up to be the mature and stronghearted woman that I am now.

The photograph where I am the subject is really important for me, since it is something that will remain forever, a record of the many emotions that I was going through at this age. And this is something that I hope will come through in the pictures that you see above.


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