Wading Into the Deep End


The day job farewell tour is nearing its end. Come summertime, I’ll be self-employed. My wife and I already have plans for both the baked goods business that we officially launched last December and my photography. Moving forward, this becomes the new day job.

Am I excited? Very much so.

Am I scared? You betcha.

I have been testing the waters, so to speak, for years now, but have always found myself heading back for the relative safety of shore. And although it has taken me more than a third of my life, I now realize that if I don’t wade into the deep end then nothing will ever change.

I am taking a risk. It’s not a very calculated one, and I am aware of that. Life does not promise that a leap of faith will hit its mark just because you made it.

There are no guarantees.

The picture above is that of the Bojo river mouth (in Aloguinsan, Cebu) where the river flows out into the sea. I made this shot while wading through chest-deep water on the river delta. I have a few more shots from different perspectives, and I am hoping to add at least one to my print catalog.

The question is – Will it sell? That remains to be seen. 

But, I had to take the risk to create the opportunity for something good to happen.

I had to go on the trip that took about 3 hours while still recovering from the flu that plagued me for 2 days prior. For which, I had to spend a good chunk of the little money that I had (as I now only teach part-time). And as a topper, I also had to belatedly realize that as I waded through the cold, refreshing water that I had also completely submerged the 2 spare camera batteries that I had in my pocket.

Will I ever make back the cost of replacing these batteries with print sales? Again, no guarantees; but, in my heart of hearts, I do hope so.

In hindsight, was it a risk worth taking? In a heartbeat, yes.


2 thoughts on “Wading Into the Deep End

  1. God Bless on the new venture Dude. Sorry I have not dropped by lately. The last place I worked at just could not inspire my creative side. Now I can look at wordpress here in the new job. More creativity for us in the days to come.


    1. No worries, dude. I understand that things have been in flux for you lately as well. Here’s to more opportunities to create.


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