New Project: Phases

Technically, Phases isn’t a new project.


Initially, I simply meant to transplant my Faces project onto an indoor or outdoor location (sans the temporary studio setup). But after going through the first set of pictures that I shot, I realized that I wanted to shift the focus from how I, as a photographer, viewed the subject to how the very people in front of my lens viewed themselves. I didn’t just want a collection of properly-posed and well-lit portraits.

I wanted it to be more.


In this day and age, almost anyone with a camera phone can take pictures to document their life’s milestones. However, our cache of treasured mementos captured at certain points in our lives has now moved from the photo album to one’s social media platform of choice. Where I am still a strong advocate of printing your pictures and sharing these offline with people who matter, I believe this project has the potential to be a step in that direction.


And so, Faces becomes Phases.

The idea is not only to capture the subject at a specific point in time, but to have them add their own words to the picture by having them answer the question —

Years from now, when you look back at this time in your life, what will you remember the most about it?


Because we all go through different phases. Where it’s common that we can easily identify where we came from in relation to where we are right now. It is rare to catch ourselves in the process. I am hoping that as the years pass, these portraits will serve as visual signposts that the subject can look back on in their life’s journey.


*The first post for this project will be published soon, so please subscribe to the blog for updates.


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