Bare – Kristie

  1. What do you love about your body?

I like how small, yet cute, my nose is. Oh, wait. We’re talking about the body, right?

In that case, I love the size and shape of my butt because it makes me look and feel sexy. And I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I’m a bit taller than the average woman. Well, in this country at least.

  1. What are you most insecure of?

Insecurities? Well, there are a lot, but what really bother me are the stretch marks. After giving birth, I have a lot of them, especially around my tummy area. And while we’re on the topic, I wish I had bigger boobs; maybe just enough to match my height.


  1. After looking at your pictures, have they changed the way you look at yourself?

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself to be part of such a project. But to be honest, it felt weird the first time I saw my pictures. I kind of had a hard time starting at the images at first because I have so many insecurities about my body.

After some time, however, the photos grew on me. I realized how beauty can be found even in one’s imperfections. I may not be as dazzling as a professional model, but these pictures make me feel beautiful and strong. I said ‘strong’ because for me it takes courage to pose for something as revealing as boudoir photography.

I am learning to love myself completely despite my flaws.

Because when I love myself, it doesn’t only make me feel beautiful, but I also find happiness and contentment.


*The Bare project was introduced here. Its manifesto can be read here.

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