The human form has long fascinated me. There is an undeniable elegance in its design, and an indelible grace in its function. The way bare skin catches the light and glows. The way the body’s curves and edges do not only give it shape, but create accents and textures as shadows fall on them. And in the way each bump and mark tells a different tale that when taken altogether tells the story of the person it belongs to.


A nude body can be just a nude body. There is always a choice whether to eroticize it or not. That choice is governed by intent. Mine is to offer the idea of nudity as being more than just a commodity to be consumed or a taboo to be hushed into submission. I would like to make it the subject (as opposed to an object) in the creation of something lofty and inspiring, something that would not shy away from being called art.


The human form finds its home in nature, which is why I strive to capture it in its natural habitat so to speak. Its inherent beauty is seen more clearly when its shape exists in harmony with the chaos and order of the environment. There is an incontestable primal connection that reminds us of our roots, our origins.


2 thoughts on “Nature

    1. Thank you for these wonderful words. I’ve published this for what would seem ages ago, but this is the first time I’ve gotten valuable insight on these photos. I truly appreciate the feedback and the affirmation. At least, it doesn’t feel like I’m playing to an empty room.


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