Personal Project — Faces (Part 7)

“It is the common wonder of all men, how among so many millions of faces, there should be none alike.” – Thomas Browne

Faces is a personal project that I’ve started and worked on over the past few months. I have shot portraits of over 30 different people as of this writing.

I talk about its inception here. The seventh installment of this series came quite late. These are pictures that I shot in the second half of last year; but I intend to post all the portraits I’ve made for this series, as all of the subjects here have graciously gifted me with their time and presence, so it’s only proper that I give them mine as well (albeit belatedly).

I found myself reconnecting with people from the past, a good friend from my alma mater and some of my students from before. As for the latter group, I find it interesting to see how their faces have changed since they were first in my class, seeing how they have matured along with the new life stories that they tell me during the shoot.

One more set (or a little over half a set) before a shift in this series …

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