New Project: Bare

Bare is a new intimate portrait series that I am currently working on.

The meaning of the project’s title is twofold.

First, an an adjective, the word bare means basic, simple and without addition. The focus of the portrait is the subject herself. It’s not about the clothes, the accessories or even the location.


Second, as a verb, it means to uncover a part of a person. It is not about exposing skin for the sake of looking sexy. It is a confident gesture of being comfortable and proud of one’s body.

The goal is to create images that will be more about the subject than the viewer; to make a photograph that shows both the beauty of her features and the character of her flaws.


*The project is still in its early stages, so the photo above is  actually from a preliminary shoot. My vision is not just to create an online gallery of images with empowering realizations from each subject, but to hopefully see these pictures in print, either for an exhibit or a book. Well, one can always dream.

Please visit the site every now and then to check on my progress. Wish me luck.


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