Personal Project — Faces (Part 6)

“Every great work makes the human face more admirable and richer, and that is its whole secret.” – Albert Camus

Faces is a personal project that I’ve started and worked on over the past few months. Despite the hectic schedule, I was finally able to shoot portraits of 30 different people. As for the birthday wish that I spoke of in a previous post, whether it comes true remains to be seen.

I talk about its inception here. In the sixth installment of this series, I was able to work with new subjects, K and Shantyl (2nd and 4th photos respectively); and recapture old faces, Marlyn and Julia (3rd and 5th photos in the set), as well.

The highlight, however, is the first image. I was finally able to shoot a proper portrait of my mother. No blinks, giggles and smirks. I am proud of this picture because this person is half-responsible for the Joel Locaylocay part of Joel Locaylocay Photography after all.

More to come…


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