Personal Project — Faces

I do simple well. No, scratch that. With a bit more confidence (as I have been reminding myself to do more lately) — I do simple beautifully.


I have come to accept and love the stark simplicity of my portraits.  No longer do I think of them as bare and seemingly unfinished. They are now clean and uncluttered.

This is what Faces is all about. It is (going to be) a collection of portraits that feature the beauty and character of the human face. These are lit to create a low-key painterly look as inspired by my favorite portraitist, Dan Winters.


I use three lights (each playing a different role in the frame) and had a custom background painted (by a friend and talented artist) just for this project. However, I make sure that these do not take away from the subject of the portrait.


Is the process simple? No, it is anything but. Because just like in writing, it takes far more thought and work to create something that is easily read.

2 thoughts on “Personal Project — Faces

  1. I love your portraits! When I look at these three, I really feel as if I meet these people, as if we look into each others’ eyes. Portraits must be one of the most difficult things to do in photography, because it’s so much about making people feel relaxed in front of a camera.

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    1. Thank you! I suppose I do have some knack in making other people feel at ease. Being an introvert, I find that I thrive with smaller, more intimate portrait sessions. I converse with the subject and shoot frames in between topics. And since I listen more than I talk, I am able to shift the focus to the person in front of the camera (pun not intended) and I would like to think that this makes them more confident as I shoot their picture.


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