Moon Over Mandaue


The moon is perceived to be larger when it is closer to the horizon than when it is up in the sky. This has long been proven to be an illusion as its relative size is more or less the same irregardless of its position in the sky. However, the people attempting to make sense of it have yet to agree on a single explanation.

I have no intent on explaining the phenomenon that makes the moon (a full one at that) appear colossal as it peeks over the horizon. I simply want to make the most out of it, so I set out to document this month’s moonrise. With the help of this wonderful app, I was able to determine when and where the moon would rise. It definitely helped that Susan and I sat comfortably in a cafe, waiting for our food, as we waited for la luna. I was nearly foiled by low-lying clouds, but these ended up giving the shot a bit more character as the moon rose above them.

The photo above is my pick from that night’s crop of images. Not bad for a first attempt. I look forward to capturing more moonrises in the coming months. These events pack as much drama as their diurnal counterparts. And if you’re a photographer who isn’t necessarily a morning person, now you have something to look forward to without leaving the comfort of your bed early in the morning.


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