Shooting for the Moon


A flimsy plastic kite flailing against the trade winds, desperately trying to stay in flight.

This picture perfectly describes how I feel right now.

Well, maybe not about life in general, but as a photographer trying to find his niche in a ‘noisy’ and crowded creative market. Days are mostly filled with doubt, punctuated by occasional bouts of self-assurance.

The goal is in sight. It’s all a matter of persevering and pushing on. On most days, that’s easier said than done. And so I write this post with the selfish intent of rejuvenating my sagging spirits. If this is something that you need to read at this very moment, then let’s agree that it is merely serendipitous. 

This is a personal reminder that this endeavor was never easy to begin with (and it’s not going to get easier), but that this is my passion and it is worth the sacrifice. Keep on.

Work on becoming one of the best photographers that the world has yet to discover.


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