UnDifferent – Karisse

*I discussed the premise for this whole project in a previous post.

Each of the subjects that I have made pictures of in the creation of this series will each share 3 things that they consider to be unique and distinct to their person. Once again, the point of the exercise is to allow the subjects to assert their individuality, yet find a commonality with other people at the same time.

For the second set of UnDifferent portraits, I have decided to shift the voice of the narrative over to the subjects themselves. This would allow me to share with you the experience of getting to know each subject yourself. I will only make necessary edits for the purpose of clarity.


1 — First off, my words limit me. I express myself more through my hands. I love art. I find and lose myself while drawing all at the same time.


2 — Second, I’m bashful, but I could be peppy if I’m with good company. Also, I’m timid and I easily cry.


3 — I find beauty in the sunsets and the full moon.

Karisse is definitely a young woman of very few words, but her art speaks volumes.

Sadly, this is the last UnDifferent post for now. I’ve decided to shelve this series indefinitely as I start work on new projects (most of which are still in the early stages of development). Allow me this opportunity to thank you for your time and support. I hope that you will continue to follow this blog for more of my future work.


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