Street Photography – Busy-ness As Usual

Susan and I were finally able to go on a brief sojourn to Singapore that had been postponed from December last year. This would be my first visit to another Asian country. I’m not counting a connecting flight from Hong Kong a few years back, since I never left the airport.

As is the case of plopping into a new environment; the sights, smells and sounds of Bugis street invigorated me. The stream of people pushing through the arteries of a city pulsing with life was a scene too good for me to pass up on. I have more pictures to share (which I will definitely do in a separate post), but I am still catching up with work (or rather it’s catching up to me) since I got back.

But please do continue to follow this blog for more updates soon. Thanks for reading.


You can view more of my street photography here.

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