Finding Yourself En route


I am slowly coming to the realization that a dream is something that one lives and not something that one pursues. In working towards making pictures that matter, I find fulfillment and joy interspersed between challenges and disappointments en route.

The print sales and the publication of my photos in a soon-to-be more widely circulated book are surely milestones that I’ll treasure. But I’ve learned to stop waiting for myself to arrive. A state which implies that I’ve attained some significant and measurable form of success. I now consider this photographic pilgrimage that I am on as the dream, instead of what lies at the end of it.

Life definitely threw me a couple of haymakers that knocked me down this past year. And for a while, I thought I wouldn’t be able to dust myself off and get back up. Apparently, I overestimated my capacity to quit when faced with daunting odds. It’s either that or I’m underestimating my own stupidity.

The future is a minefield of uncertainty, but I now know better than to rush towards the shimmering mirage in the distance. I was never one for making plans, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t carefully choose my path. I simply want to be present as I go through the process of working on my dream; not just so that I can adapt to change, but so that I can define this undertaking more eloquently by experiencing its joys and pains.

I find myself both fortunate and thankful at the end of this year. I am still on this journey, finding benefactors and companions whenever I need it. This blog has been a constant source of encouragement and inspiration, and has kept me going through the darker days. I hope you will not tire of reading my thoughts, given my tendency to ramble on.

And before I do, I would like to end this post with a quote from a movie that I still enjoy to this day.

“Change your stars and live a better life than I have.” – John Thatcher, A Knight’s Tale


I thank you, dear reader and friend, for helping me change mine.

A merry Christmas to one and all!


6 thoughts on “Finding Yourself En route

  1. Best wishes back, I hope the new year will bring you lots of good energy for your photographic pilgrimage (I love how you gave it that name!). I look forward to seeing more and hearing more of your thoughts in the coming year!

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    1. Thanks! I hope the coming year will bring us all inspiration and the perseverance to continue to create. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful and intricate pieces.


  2. I struggle with my blog so much I abandon it for prolonged periods. It seems the lack of posts are either disbelief in my own reality, I often find myself confronted with “hyper sensitive information,” information I feel alone about sharing with others so to speak, or because the very reality that I am living my dreams and choose not to believe is a real handle on my psyche.

    Thank you for sharing this post, I am fortunate and thankful like yourself, that even through difficult “imaginings” there is the appreciation I am, we are, where we are suppose to be.

    take care

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    1. I once thought that if I acknowledged that I was happy and fulfilled about what I had accomplished that in some weird way the universe would have something tangible to take away. And so I chose not to accept and celebrate the successes that came to my life, thinking that this way I would lose nothing. I now realize that I gained nothing in the process.

      We are where we need to be. The dreams that once inhabited our heads are now our living reality. I wish you all the best, Floyd, and take care as well.


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