Mila’s Menagerie

With another super typhoon barreling our way, I decided to set my worries aside and write this post. In the event, that power and telecommunications will be down after the storm, I would have at least put something on here, in case it takes me a while to come back.

My family and I got to travel to the northern town of Medellin last weekend. We finally got to visit my Auntie Mila and her family. I’m not related to her by blood, but she is one of my mother’s best friends and she is essentially a second mother to me. She has stood by me and helped me weather the roughest storms that I’ve gone through in my life.

They have a house that sits in front of a beach and just behind it she carefully keeps a garden — a treasure trove of flowers and plants of every imaginable shape and color. Since my aunt has retired from teaching, she has taken to carefully caring for each and every one. Taking a stroll through aisle upon aisle of vibrant blossoms coupled with the sound of waves rushing to the shore is a zen experience like no other.

Where the storm will pass is still very much uncertain, but if it follows the same track as it did with Haiyan last year, then I’m afraid that these plants might not make it through another calamitous ordeal. If ever that happens, then at the very least, these pictures will be here to help my Auntie Mila remember.


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