A Photo a Day — Treasure

Today’s assignment* is to shoot something that you cherish and treasure.

Spilled light.

That’s what I thought when I woke up at 3 a.m. earlier and shortly realized that I hadn’t shot anything for today’s assignment. I’m not much of a conceptual photographer, but I do know my way around light.

My interest in photography was waning a few years back, and I was close to selling my camera and all the gear that I had with me thus far. It was at this crucial point that I met and fell in love with lighting (mainly using small hot shoe flashes off camera). From then on, I have continued to pursue the study of light — seeing, capturing and working with it.

It is a relationship that has blossomed over the years, and one that I truly treasure. And my lovely wife does not only not mind, but she approves of it. Well, maybe there’s a bit of an issue when she sees me come home with a couple of packs of rechargeable AA batteries in a bag.

*This series of  Photo-a-Day posts are the result of my having signed up for Blogging U.’s Photography 101 course, which requires all participants to post a photo a day from November 3 to November 28. A theme is assigned daily, which one then interprets, shoots and posts all within a 24-hour timeframe. 


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