A Photo a Day — Landscape

Today’s assignment* is to shoot a wide, sweeping landscape.

I captured this scene an hour or so before the day’s assignment was posted, so I will take it as a fortuitous, yet fortunate, sequence of events.

I’ve been shooting landscapes for a while now, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a serious landscape photographer. I’ve never owned an ultra-wide angle lens nor a full-frame camera, and somehow most of my ‘landscapes’ end up having a photojournalistic slant.

The above picture defies the usual practice of shooting a landscape in a horizontal format; and not only that, but it includes a human element as well. I opted for a vertical and tighter composition because I wanted to frame the viewer’s eye towards the man gathering shellfish in the middle of the frame. Where the picture could have done without the inclusion of the fisherman, I believe his presence completes the story.

*This series of  Photo-a-Day posts are the result of my having signed up for Blogging U.’s Photography 101 course, which requires all participants to post a photo a day from November 3 to November 28. A theme is assigned daily, which one then interprets, shoots and posts all within a 24-hour timeframe. 


4 thoughts on “A Photo a Day — Landscape

    1. Thanks, Erin. I try to capture sunrises whenever I can as they’re usually quite dramatic, albeit brief, in Cebu. I’ll gladly look at your work and give feedback where I can.


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