A Photo a Day — Landmark

I have signed up for Blogging U.’s Photography 101 course, which requires all participants to post a photo a day from November 3 to November 28. A theme is assigned daily, which one then interprets, shoots and posts all within a 24-hour timeframe. 

Today’s assignment is to shoot a picture of a local landmark from a unique perspective.

As soon as I read the day’s theme, I immediately knew which local landmarks I wanted to feature in the assignment — the two bridges that connect the cities of Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.

The picture* above shows the second bridge from the vantage point of the first. This perspective is a bit unique since I shot the photo as my wife and I drove over the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge (clearly I wasn’t the one at the wheel). The bridges are essentially inescapable edifices since one has to pass one or the other when travelling to or from the province of Cebu, whether by air (as the airport is in Lapu-lapu) or by sea (as both span the Mactan channel where most sea traffic pass).

Nothing quite tells you that you’ve arrived as the sight of these two structures.

*This is not a recent picture as this was shot last October. In as much as I wanted to capture the landmark for this assignment, my schedule wouldn’t allow otherwise, so I had to take this one from my archives. However, if I were to shoot it again, I would do so from the very same vantage point since this is the shot that I’ve long envisioned for these bridges.


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