A Photo a Day — Solitude

I have signed up for Blogging U.’s Photography 101 course, which requires all participants to post a photo a day from November 3 to November 28. A theme is assigned daily, which one then interprets, shoots and posts all within a 24-hour timeframe. I’m not quite sure if I’ll be able to see this through as the second semester starts in a few days, but I believe it will be a fulfilling challenge to take on.

Today’s assignment is to shoot a picture that shows what solitude means to you.

Where I truly believe that no man is an island, I also understand that most of the journeys that we take in this life — well, at least the ones that change us — are the ones we go through on our own. In a world that is teeming with activity, we’re never truly alone anymore; but as we often whiz by each other on opposite sides of the road, it’s never been easier to feel lonely as well.

On a more personal note, I have always found street photography to be a zen-like experience. I find that it quiets my mind amid the hubbub of the city. It is my island in the churning sea of life. It is where I find solitude and peace.


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