UnDifferent – Janelle

*I discussed the premise for this whole project in a previous post.

Each of the subjects that I have made pictures of in the creation of this series will each share 3 things that they consider to be unique and distinct to their person. Once again, the point of the exercise is to allow the subjects to assert their individuality, yet find a commonality with other people at the same time.

For the second set of UnDifferent portraits, I have decided to shift the voice of the narrative over to the subjects themselves. This would allow me to share with you the experience of getting to know each subject yourself. I will only make necessary edits for the purpose of clarity.

1 — My passion for old things – To be specific, I really love history. I also enjoy walks to museums and to landmarks. Learning about the times of old is one big reason why I would want to explore the world. In every old stuff I see, I’m eager to seek the story it is trying to tell. I think this trait is quite unique in my generation because I have only met a few people who are also like this.


2 — My love for diversity – I enjoy listening to music of any genre, language and of different time periods. I also enjoy being with people regardless of age, education, personality and race. I believe that living life with variety is fun. It’s like adding colors to an empty canvas. Exposing yourself to this diversity will help you learn important life lessons.


3 — My minimalist personality towards appearance – I’m not extravagant when it comes to my appearance. I don’t really like putting any makeup as I believe it isn’t beneficial for me. I enjoy flashy and colorful fashion but I don’t really want to try them myself. My wardrobe is pretty much full of neutral colors.

Up next, Jzia


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