The Murals of Mandaue


I was born in a Cebu City hospital, but I call Mandaue City my home. I’ve lived here for most of my life and many of my childhood memories are actually tied to the houses that we’ve resided in over the years (our family moved a lot before my folks bought a house and put down roots).

Mandaue, as far as I can remember, has always been a predominantly industrial city. Although the seven year old in me, remembers a few more parks and opens spaces for play and a lot less traffic. It’s business and commercial centers aren’t as developed as that of Cebu. There aren’t any white sand beaches to boast of like those in the city of Lapu-lapu. However, as a longtime resident, I don’t need any convincing that my city is equally beautiful. Perhaps, its charm is just little more tucked away and often blanketed by a bit of grime and dust. One really just has to look to uncover these little gems, but they are there.

I have chanced upon these murals lining a number of the city’s streets. I don’t know if this was a beautification initiative started by the local government, but it is something that I’d like to see more of. It does not only liven up the drab and dreary walls, but it gives local artists the opportunity to showcase their work. I have seen a number of high school students working on one near our house, so not only is it a deterrent for vandals, but it gives the youth a creative outlet as well.

20140909-jrl_streetphoto_004Unfortunately, I have seen a number of unfinished murals, and I am guessing that this could very well be due to a lack of any, if not all, of the following: awareness, interest and support from the government and the community. In view of this, I am now considering working on a personal photography project that will aim to discover and feature the very best of these murals within the city. It may take some time and a lot of doing, but it’s the least I can do for a place that I call home.

More to come…


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