20140413-jrl_sumilon_047There has been a lot of talk about depression going around lately. Most of it is good, from what I’ve read, since it brings awareness about the disease to the forefront. It is just sad that it took the tragic death of a celebrity to shine a light on the illness.

I live with depression.

It is something that I’ve come to accept as a part of my life. I do my very best to manage it, with the unflagging support of a few family and friends. I am usually able to keep myself in check and bounce back after an ‘episode’ that usually lasts for weeks at a time.

Lately, however, I’ve been struggling to get back up on my feet. On the surface, I look okay and in control. It is after all a skill that many people who’ve dealt with this condition develop over the years. I smile. I work. Essentially, I function even though the internal mechanisms are in chaos.

I continue to struggle. I haven’t given up. Because when you do, your choices dwindle and their expected outcomes are rather bleak. I openly talk about my condition not to earn favor. I neither want ‘special’ treatment nor pity. Trust me, that’s the last thing a person living with depression needs.

If you’re fortunate enough not to be afflicted by this disease, but you are at a quandary as to how to deal with the people in your life who do. Allow me to refer you to this article by Dean Burnett. It is, in my opinion, an objective look at condition that has too many subjective interpretations of its symptoms and treatment.

You don’t need to save us, but understanding what we deal with is a leap in the right direction.


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