UnDifferent – Louie

*I discussed the premise for this whole project in a previous post.

Each of the subjects that I have made pictures of in the creation of this series will each share 3 things that they consider to be unique and distinct to their person. Once again, the point of the exercise is to allow the subjects to assert their individuality, yet find a commonality with other people at the same time.

1 — Robert Louie struck me as the introspective type the first time I met him. Perhaps, it takes one to know one. He is quite comfortable in a big party or a large crowd, but prefers the comfort of a good book and a cup of coffee (or tea) at the end of a long day.


2 — No stranger to late night musings, he finds remedy in a cup of tea to lull himself (and his imagination) to sleep.


3 — As is the case with the inward-looking, Louie catches himself overthinking and ultimately making the wrong decisions. But as the PSA from an old cartoon says “…knowing is half the battle.”

Up next, Janelle


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