A Friday First

Last Friday, I was more than happy to have the week finally come to an end. However (and I believe the universe was feeling especially kind because it was a weekend), I got a wonderful surprise waiting for me in my inbox.

I received an email from Brook Parker, COO of Cotton Carrier Camera Systems, saying that they were giving me the opportunity to review a brand new camera carrier system that they’re developing especially for mirrorless cameras, the Cotton Carrier StrapShot EV1. They’ve taken to Kickstarter to fund its development and eventual release by November this year. You can view and support their campaign here —  http://kck.st/1qUi0bL

Here’s a sample image of the product itself.


I have found that gear thoughtfully designed by photographers for photographers usually have the greatest potential to improve not only a shooter’s performance, but his comfort as well. I imagine that this type of carrier system would work wonders for adventure, nature, and landscape photographers. I, personally, would want my both hands free to wrangle light stands on location without worrying that the camera hanging from my neck is either going to bump into something or even fall off. I can definitely see how a product like this would make my life easier.

If you believe that they have a promising product in development and would be like to be part of the team, head on over to the Kickstarter link above to back their project.

More to come…


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