Summer Pinup – Abegail (Part 1)


Pinup portraits since their inception have seen various iterations and interpretations. In what is now an annual series, I take inspiration from what I deem to be its best quality in creating pictures for the Summer Pinup project — celebrating not only beauty, but empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin. I would like to hope that it helps promote a healthy love for the feminine form, curves and all.

This year’s pinup beauty is Abegail. I have worked with her many times before, but this is actually her first shoot in swimwear, and in public. I am fortunate not only to have her continued cooperation with each collaboration, but her trust as well. As I did not take on teaching load this summer, my resources were pretty limited and this was the only shoot I could organize before the new school year started. My wife, Susan, came through for me in a very big way by not only finding me a wonderful location, but getting us access to the resort’s more private island a little ways off the beach as well.

This is the first of two parts, so make sure you check back here for part two soon. More to come…

*Update (June 11, 2014): Abegail has written a post on her blog about the whole experience from her perspective. You can read it here.


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