Point A to Point B

Early last week, my desktop finally gave out after years of narrowly escaping the necessity of each upgrade cycle. The motherboard was the culprit as a number of bloated, oozing capacitors would soon sadly reveal. The darned CPU won’t even turn on. All this transpired on the day that I was set to start making prints to be sold at a furniture and decor bazaar to be held in a week’s time. Sure I had backups of my pictures, but a backup computer? No such luck. This was point A.

The longest blur of a week brought me to point B as evidenced by the picture of the finished prints that you see above. As far as I can remember, this most unlikely journey started with a loaner CPU, which took me days to set up. The countless swapping in and out of hard drives to access the files that I needed to install Lightroom, calibrate my monitor, install the printer and a whole laundry list of small things that you begin to miss about your dead dinosaur of a system. To finally beginning to start your first print, but only to be interrupted by a need to replace one of the inks that had gotten low. Certificates and templates that needed to be recreated, the missing paper cutter, the last-minute handing off of the prints, and many more totally avoidable pseudo-disasters.

Honestly, I don’t know how I willed myself from point A to B. But I’m sure that it wasn’t purely on my own strength. A LOT of people helped push me along that connect-the-dots adventure; all to whom I am indebted to. I am not sure if I’ll make a sale, but in this sense the journey was the destination.



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