UnDifferent – Happy

*I discussed the premise for this whole project in a previous post.

Each of the subjects that I have made pictures of in the creation of this series will each share 3 things that they consider to be unique and distinct to their person. Once again, the point of the exercise is to allow the subjects to assert their individuality, yet find a commonality with other people at the same time.

1 — I think that naming a child after an emotion would pose certain challenges for her as she grew up. Happy (not an adjective in this case) Mariel is in such a predicament, as she constantly finds herself in situations where she is expected to live up to the merry mood of her emotional namesake. Happily (pun not intended), she is quite up to the task.


2 — Happy is entering her third year of the B.S. Chemistry program and with it comes an intensification of the demands of the course. This year is considered to be the crucible that either makes or breaks your journey to becoming a chemist. Fortunately, Happy is up to the added rigor as she can eat two breakfasts (just like a hobbit) when given enough time. And she doesn’t just scarf it all down, she likes to savor each and every bite.


3 — She is also quite the gifted artist. She sketches and paints during her free time. In fact, when she is ever angry or frustrated, she takes to a sketch pad to pour out everything that she is unable to put into words. It is often the object of her ire that becomes the subject of this work of therapeutic art.

Up next, Mark

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