UnDifferent – Roddy

*I discussed the premise for this whole project in a previous post.

Each of the subjects that I have made pictures of in the creation of this series will each share 3 things that they consider to be unique and distinct to their person. Once again, the point of the exercise is to allow the subjects to assert their individuality, yet find a commonality with other people at the same time.

1 — Roddy Clark, or simply Roddy, is a lifelong student of learning and teaching. He recently graduated from a Bachelor of Secondary Education majoring in Physics and Chemistry, and aspires to impart what he has learned to the students of the first high school who will take this promising young mentor in. But, I doubt that he’ll stay on the job market for long.


2 — Roddy values the relationships that he has forged with family and friends. In fact, he made time to meet me for this session even though he had a lot on his plate for that day. Although noticeably flustered by having a camera pointed at him (I would be too), during which he gestures a bit more with his head and hands; he was able to compose himself in no time at all.


3 — He considers himself to be bipolar (not in the clinical sense, I hope), swinging from one end of his mood spectrum to the other. Perhaps, Roddy is just temperamental; a trait that is often associated with those of brilliant mind.

Up next, Happy


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