X-E1 Excursions – Sumilon Island (1)

I talked about the how my wife and photography have pushed me well beyond my comfort zone here. The pictures that you see above are the first of two sets from a recent trip Susan and I took to a small island just off the southern coast of Cebu called Sumilon.

The trip was something that we’ve been planning for quite some time now, so despite the brooding weather on the day of our departure, we just got on a bus and went. We stayed at the Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort, which has rented out most of the island from the nearby town of Oslob. We arrived a bit late in the afternoon and it was drizzling by the time we got off the motorboat, which transports the guests to the island, so we were not able to explore as much.

The parts that we got to explore though were quite beautiful and serene. Our room fronted  the channel, so you could lounge in front of it and listen to waves crash onto the shore below. The staff were accommodating and pleasant; greeting one with a ready smile whenever you met.  All in all, the island lives up to its claim of being a haven for private relaxation. It’s a place I wouldn’t mind visiting again in the future.

Part 2 soon…


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