Photo Finish


Pictures ought to be printed. Not all pictures should be, but those that graduate from shot to keeper to selection should be put to paper. I now believe that a picture is only finished once I am holding a print of it in my hands.

Of course, making prints entails an added cost. And if one of your inks runs out in the middle of a print (as it did in the picture above), then it’s going to entail an additional added cost. However, the value of a print goes beyond the cost of the paper and the ink that was used to make it. It is a concrete product of what once existed only in one’s imagination.

A print requires no electricity or internet connection for viewing. You have full control of its privacy setting by carefully choosing the people you show it to. This significantly limits the number of ‘friends’ who will leave disheartening and snide comments underneath the picture for all the word to peruse. I personally keep a favorite print or two close to me at work because it helps me keep both my calm and perspective, especially on the really bad days.

Pictures ought to be printed. Don’t let your favorite languish in the digital detritus of your hard drive. It deserves more than that.


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