Watching the World Go By (16)


A Dividing Line

I am a fairly private individual. I don’t particularly relish having someone snap a picture of me while I am going about my day, which is why I often arrive at a conundrum when I attempt to capture a scene that includes people. However, there are simply certain moments that are too difficult to pass up on. I certainly don’t know the backstory of the couple above, or if they are even a couple to begin with. What I do know is that there is a palpable sense of tiredness and vulnerability in the way that the woman’s head is resting on the man’s shoulder, and I just had to capture it. Since I had very little time, I opted to shoot wide open and focus on the crack in the floor, which I hoped would conceal the identity of the people in the picture enough without losing the story. It is not my best exposure in terms of technique and composition, but one that I will definitely keep for its storytelling. More to come…

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