Otherworld – The Dryad (2)

The Otherworld project first came into being as a photo assignment that I was going to give myself for Halloween. However, seeing it’s potential beyond the occasion, I have decided to turn it into a longer-running series, which will feature various supernatural creatures and their lore.

The second set of the series is The Dryad. The dryad, also known as diwata in the Philippines, is a deity of nature that serves as a protector of their forest and mountain realms. Mythology states that these spirits can be invoked to grant growth and health, although they are also known to curse those who disrespect them and trespass upon their domain.


The Dryad

Subject: Sharajen Julasiri

Hair and makeup: Susan Claire Locaylocay

Props and styling: Queenie Marie Maquilang

Photography: Joel Locaylocay


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